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Fat Loss & Psychology
Seoul, South Korea


I did my masters degree in positive psychology at UPENN, and know a few things about making new habits stick, using strengths, bouncing back after life takes a turn for the worse, and getting into flow. I am the national expert on the topic by default since nobody else has an advanced degree in the field where I live! Supply & demand baby! However, the name’s not just for show — I’ve helped the graduate school for counseling psychology develop the first accredited program in South Korea.


When I was 21 years old, I was 5’11”, 243lbs and had lifted weights for about 3 hours in my entire life. I decided to lose the weight one day, and started going through the motions. Lots of cardio, starvation, and nothing cooked or processed (i.e. raw food diet) for the next year, and 65lbs just slid off. Of course, had I known then what I know now — I would have done things very differently! Luckily, I found weight training and didn’t hurt myself permanently before figuring out how to do it right!

My first deadlift was about 20kg for about 8 reps. Three years later, I met Chris with a deadlift of 155kg  after regular training. A little more than a year later, I was pulling 240kg. I never would have dreamed of adding 85kg to my pull in a year, drug free, until I met Chris.

I can be proud of myself for putting in the time and effort – but Chris made all the difference in the world. Having a training partner in itself is a good thing — but having a training partner that knows his stuff is a thousand times better. I really miss training with him in person, but am thankful for the Internet and our ability to communicate regularly online.


Powerlifting, as you’ve already guessed, is for my health and sanity. The most effective stress-buster by far is going to, or just short of failure on a squat or deadlift — and I can get stronger for a looong time to come. It is very fulfilling to give it my all and know I couldn’t have done any more – this is a rather rare experience in our information age. Later on, I believe it will also help me be better prepared for the fight against death that we all must face.

I am passionate about the pursuit of simplicity and virtue (as defined by Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics). Every week I work on improving my health, marriage, finances, joy, wisdom, and empowering others. I’m happy to learn and do just about anything that promises to help in any of these realms.

For more specifics, read on and ask about them in the forums!

Philosophy and Promise

What I’ve learned from Chris is mostly “obvious” once you unlearn all the crap you didn’t realize has filled your head — like crunches for washboard abs and cardio for rapid fat loss.

Which brings me to the purpose of this site — to share what we know WILL help you, and to help you reject all the junk that’s wasting your time and effort — your money and life.

It’s easy to spend hundreds of hours in the gym and not get results — just go to any fitness chain and see how truly unremarkable most people are — and realize they’re all dishing out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars every year for very minimal results.

Time + Right Efforts = Achievement.

Simple as that.

We’re here to help you with the “right efforts” bit… the rest is up to you.

Fun Facts

After college, I decided to spread my wings and seek adventure abroad. I’ve been stuck by lightning, almost decapitated while running in a typhoon, swarmed by insects and sea creatures I can’t even name, and suffered food poisoning more times than I can even remember.  I took on a good $80,000 worth of debt to travel around the world 11 times for my masters degree from UPENN and have visited 17 countries outside the USA. But despite the debt, fevers and infections, it’s all been worth it.


In a world of quick-fixes and short attention spans, I want to help others realize the power and importance of developing mastery, and doing the opposite of the status-quo. Low energy and overweight is normal… Stressed out and underslept is normal… Living from paycheck to paycheck and keeping up with the Joneses is normal… Getting a divorce is normal… Trading 5 days of work for 2 days off is normal.

If you could be bursting with energy, focused, living a vibrant life in great health; living with integrity and savoring each day, improving yourself and cultivating deep, lasting relationships with those you love… who on earth would want to be normal?

I want to be abnormal in the best of ways, and bring as many people as I can with me.

Nick’s CV… Can you find the secret ingredient?

Nick wasn’t always lean…

Chris taking good care of Nick at his first powerlifting meet.

The owner was shocked by who ate the most curry!

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