Client Reviews

Client Reviews
How on earth do I sum up the impact Chris Young has had on me? Dear me….

I have know Chris since 1997. I came to him as a 21+ stone (~300lb) woman who had never exercised in my life.

Quite an extreme situation!

Today I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer and have worked with Chris since 1999.

The story is a long and convoluted one but…put simply…he took me from 21 stone to being at the zenith of my fitness. He has been there through the ups and downs.

Chris’s knowledge base is annoyingly broad. He ABSOLUTELY is my ‘go to’ person for so many things. His thirst for knowledge is admirable and he never stops this pursuit…it puts me to shame.

Christopher is a gifted programme writer and I have forced him to write EVERY programme for me since 1997. Thank you Christopher. :)

I have tried and tested his patience beyond the point that any human would kill but, somehow, he keeps calm and is always there to support and guide.

Many thanks, Boss. I don’t know where, or what, I’d be without you.

-Becky Lyndon (UK)

Chris is the perfect trainer for me. As a busy woman I’m happy to be told what I need to do in order to achieve the goals I give him. Equally Chris is happy to be honest with me and tell me what I need to do – although I think he enjoys this part a bit too much! It’s not a leap to say that Chris alone deserves the credit for the confidence that I have today. Had I known 20 years ago how weights and having execellent definition would boost my confidence I would not have left it until my 30s to start training. Last year, whilst I was training for a fitness model competition, he was there every step of the way not just with weights programs but advice and motivational talks also. When I needed to moan about the strictness of the program he was there for that too; but be warned…his sympathy has limits!

-Lou England (UK)

I have known Chris for about 15 years and i have tapped into his experience and vast knowledge a number of times. Since working with Chris I now feel stronger, fitter and in my profession feeling mentally strong is very important, so the work I have done over the years has really helped in that department.

-Steve C (UK)

I have had the privilege of training with Chris for years and recently asked him to write me a program. In the eight weeks of working hard I was able to achieve strength goals I had been setting myself for years.

Chris’ knowledge of all types of training is second to none. His ability to share that understanding so one can use it effectively is a great testament to his ability not only as a trainer but also a teacher.

-Andy (UK)

I discovered that I respond very well to coaching. You provide exactly what I need: A good ear, friendly expert advice and most importantly a never ending desire to learn more.

I just want to say that our relationship  has been very beneficial for me. It helped me turn things around in my life and made me realize that nutrition and health was an area of my life I have had little control over with. Thanks to you and your philosophy I was not only able to gain knowledge and control but also was able to talk to a friend about it. That was key for me.

-Javarick (Canada)

Podcast Reviews

The Mighty Cast
 Excellent! No hype. No commercials…

These guys know their stuff. I’ve learned more from them in 6 mos than I have in years. There are so many myths and fallacies out there, but Chris and Nick debunk it all! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

-Refundallmymoney (USA)

 Well rounded and full of info

Excellent and honest information.

While currently seeking my masters in Physical Therapy I read, watch and listen to a lot of great strength coaches from Dan John, Lowery, Bell, Simmons, Robertson, Wendler, Shugart, Boyle, Rooney… and this is my favorite in terms of information and focus on real strength while keeping things realistic and Nick’s great outlook on mental health alone is worth every minute. What I wouldn’t give to lift at Darkside…

Keep up the terrific work gentlemen!

-steel_turnip (USA)

 Great show on Strength Training/Powerlifting! 

Love the show you guys! Great topics and very detailed! Could you have a show of the topic of “periodization, tapering for a competition, and the psychology behind competing in strength sports”? I love all the history and stories of old time lifters from the 40s/50s/60s. Keep it up, I plan to buy both the Get Mighty Now book and Fat Loss book A.S.A.P.!!!

-+JMJ+ (USA)

 A no gimmick show

In the fitness world you hear allot of fluff and just plain wrong info but these guys seem to know stuff. If you want a show with lots of history and info about lifting and proper technique then look no further. Keep up the good work guys.

-Truckerjay (USA)

 Quality information, easily digested! 

This podcast is a must for anyone interested in having better looking, more durable, healthier bodies. The hosts do an excellent job of presenting balanced information while making it easily understandable to put into practice. Even though they are more inclined to the powerlifting side of training, they humbly recognise that a person’s choice of training will depend largely on that person’s goal and what they’re trying to achieve. They dispel many common misconceptions about the industry and training, while presenting the value of their style of training.

The podcasts are fairly freeform and the hosts may go on slight tangents (which results in a longer than usual episode duration), however it usually helps flesh out the point they’re trying to make and is always interesting to listen to.

Highly recommended along with the Iron Radio podcast!

-Master D (Australia)

 Easy listening keep them coming

-Craigy1212 (UK)

 With their help and your own dedication you can gain (or lose!) just as much as I have if not more.

I’ve been listening to Mighty Cast and reading the blogs from Get Mighty Now for this past year, in that year I have lost much of my unnecessary fat, gone from Novice to Intermediate in terms of strength (160lbs Press, 230lbs Bench, 320lbs Squat, and the most recent mark 400lbs Deadlift), and has provided for me a knowledge base that can help keep me healthy, fit, and vital for years to come. The wide array of information discussed by the hosts is well said, knowledgeable, and at times rather humorous.

-Michael F (Texas)

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