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 Excellent! No hype. No commercials…

These guys know their stuff. I’ve learned more from them in 6 mos than I have in years. There are so many myths and fallacies out there, but Chris and Nick debunk it all! Thanks, and keep up the good work! -Refundallmymoney (USA)

 A no gimmick show

In the fitness world you hear allot of fluff and just plain wrong info but these guys seem to know stuff. If you want a show with lots of history and info about lifting and proper technique then look no further. Keep up the good work guys. -Truckerjay (USA)

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Chris Young

Chris Young

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Nick Ritchey

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Physio X

Physio X

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I have know Chris since 1997.

I came to him as a 21+ stone (~300lb) woman who had never exercised in my life.

Quite an extreme situation!

Today I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer and have worked with Chris since 1999.

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Happy client for 17 years and counting!

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