Why Are You Doing This?

Just an easy blog this week, as in it’s one of those blogs which needs to be said every once in a while, so whenever I’m struggling for an idea I can always go back to this old chestnut, or a variation of it.


Why are you…


Still doing Upright Rows? Some idiot trainer showed someone who showed someone and now every non thinking male (and a few females) do this. Don’t! According to Physio X you’re playing chicken with impinging on a nerve; the benefit Vs risk scale is swaying in the wrong direction. Stick to overhead pressing.

 Stop playing chicken with your shoulders

Doing Pulldowns Behind the Neck? Most guys do not have the flexibility in the shoulder girdle to do this exercise. It’s like having a shoulder lock applied every rep you do. Also Pulldowns to the front are just as effective but without the risk.


Press Behind the Neck (PBN)? OK, I can kind of understand this one. A strongman named Kamil who used to train occasionally at Darkside once did 180kg, that’s close to 400lbs for 5 reps in the PBN; now that’s seriously cool and I can understand the pleasure that can give but despite allowing you to use greater loads than the Press I think the extra stress on the shoulders isn’t worth the risk. Maybe it’s coincidence but many ex-strongmen have bad shoulders once they hit late 30s, but then again so did I!


Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks? This one really winds Nick up; he says that in South Korea he sees Personal Trainers giving these to women, and all the while using the dreaded “Pink Dumbbells”. What a total disgrace! If your trainer is giving you this crap then fire them. The range of motion where you are loaded is minimal, remember that little issue of gravity which is needed when lifting weights? IF you must do these then use a cable, at least the weight is being lifted in this variant.


Have the catchers at the wrong height in the power rack? Or even pulled out completely! What are you thinking? If you remove the catcher pins in the power rack and then die getting crushed by a barbell you’d been trying to Bench Press then you deserve a Darwin Award. In case you don’t know Darwin Awards are posthumously given to those idiots who kindly remove their DNA from the gene pool through incredibly stupid actions. Dear reader, you might think that I’m just being my usual silly self with this final gripe but no, I have seen this 3 times in the last month at the gym I run. Really – this can get you seriously injured or killed! And worse, the health & safety Nazis will probably have all the free weights removed because of your stupidity.


Do us all a favour and kill yourself some other way. For the rest of you, keep lifting heavy and safely performing movements which have a favourable benefit to risk ratio, and as ever Be Mighty whilst doing so.


Love to all,