Where Does Your Info Come From?

Where Does Your Info Come From?

When I was a kid we had 2 TV providers, the BBC who had 2 channels, and ITV with 1. ITV pitched themselves as the light and fun alternative to the BBC, especially when it came to news and documentaries.


Radio to could also be separated into 2 distinct categories. Once again the BBC had a bunch of radio stations; and competing with this state funded provider were a load of independent stations which survived on advertising revenue. Even today the BBC doesn’t directly advertise, and are funded by a compulsory licence.


We were a BBC family. This means that “we” believed in the tradition represented by the beeb; my father found ITV slightly vulgar. Even at the incredibly leftist school I went to I vividly remember the Deputy Headmaster saying that his TV wasn’t even tuned to ITV.


It’s not only old fashioned snobbishness which dictates where we get our info from. I get the impression (rather like being hit by a truck than an impression I have to say) that my American cousins with a Conservative leaning lend to get their news from Fox, and my more Liberal friends choose CNN. And I still rely on the good old beeb, to a degree.


OK, I’m not quite that old!

But does it follow that if you feel as though you can trust channel A (I almost put X in there but that would be something else entirely) for your news, that you can also trust them for providing you with great health and fitness advice? Is doing Tricep Kickbacks with a can of tomato soup really going to give you great arms? Well, what’s her name on “Good Morning America” said so!


Sadly at the bottom of this seemingly never ending barrel is celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who is the worst example I have come across of a disingenuous / moronic (delete or not, as appropriate) font of knowledge there is; I suspect that she will remain undisputed champion in this right until the Queen of Pseudo-science, Oprah Winfrey declares a new champion.


I doubt many who are this undiscerning are reading this, so I can safely say that these morons get what they deserve. Having given this example perhaps I should change tack and say if your favourite TV show gives such blatantly awful information on fitness as this then you should be more questioning about everything else they are saying.


Needless to say your sources for info regarding strength, fitness, as well as perhaps 1 or 2 other things should include GetMightyNow.com. Well, I thank you for reading, but you should still ask why should I listen to you.


The answer is that I went from being a slow fat kid when at school, to winning National and World titles because of my work ethic and bloody-mindedness. I have spent over 30 years learning, applying, and refining training principles which I now pass on to you at either no, or very reasonable charge.


My GMN Buddy Nick Ritchey is a restless genius, who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He too has been there and done that, including competing in a couple of powerlifting meets, nearly qualifying for the British Nationals.


All I will say about the mysterious Physio X is that they are as committed to helping people achieve Mightiness as Nick and I are.


It is as we say on our homepage –

Our goal is simple — to help you achieve the results you want without all of the supplement-endorsed bullshit that usually comes with it. No supplements, no gimmicks, just straight answers from your world-class coaches.

So for goodness sake stop getting your strength and fitness info from those who are either moronic or disingenuous; if you insist on this then you really do deserve what you get.

Be Mighty,