What’s your Default Position?

What’s your Default Position?

I rarely see anyone as motivated as a woman 8 weeks or less away from their wedding. They are locked in; they’re training consistently hard, and I’m having to hassle them to get them to eat anything; chocolate is a distant memory. Fast forward 3 months and they’re meant to be in the gym, but they’re sitting on the couch eating chocolate; which is once again her best friend.


How can this be you may ask? How can someone go from such a locked in attitude to being so slack? I call this going back to your default position.


This is how it is; anyone can train hard for a month or two; anyone can stick to a diet for a couple of weeks; but what happens when you don’t have the most motivational goal of your life to keep you on track; what’s your default position?


What happens when things get tough at work; what’s your default then?


This time of year is called the party season – by some! What’s your default position when everyone wants you to come to their party? Do you party or do you train?


Is your default position to sit on the couch and drink beer and eat Pizza? Or is your default position prioritising your training.

slobIs this you when you should be training?

You know me; I could go on, and on, and on…. Really all I’m saying is – what do you do when life happens?


If you’re going to be Mighty then you need a good default position.


If life gets in the way a mighty trainer makes sure that they at least get their Squats, Pushes, and Pulls done.


If eating well becomes an issue then the mighty person will make sure that they get in their 5 servings of protein a day; they might have to have a 6 pack of water in their car, along with a 5kg tub of protein and several shaker bottles, but they get it done.


Success for many could be as simple as improving their default position. There are many tips I could offer here; have your goals on your screen saver, make sure that the food you have available whilst sitting on the couch is of a higher quality, etc. But as usual we come back to having a strong enough goal.


If your default is poor then you need to sharpen up your goal. Your goal has to be powerful enough to drive you through the tough times – just like the lady at the beginning of this blog.


Be Mighty