What’s Wrong with a Strong Woman?

What’s Wrong with a Strong Woman?


I’ve lost something in the last couple of weeks; no, it wasn’t my car keys, or anything I’ve misplaced. I’ve lost (hopefully temporarily) a potentially great female powerlifter. After around 6 weeks of lifting 2-3 times a week she was Squatting 70kg for 3 reps, this was with a Monster Cambered Bar because her useless coach has a busted shoulder; Bench Pressing 50kg, and Deadlifting around 110kg at around 55kg bodyweight.


Most women don’t reach that level of strength ever; which in itself is a massive black mark against the gym industry. This young lady is also very marketable, that means she’s good looking in non PC language, and has a great athletic physique. Like I said, very marketable!


The reason, is that she thinks her shoulders are getting too big. She’s 55kg (121lbs) at 5 foot 10 for goodness sake; hardly a mass monster. OK, I admit, my idea of a muscular woman and the general public’s idea of overly muscular are poles apart, but none of the normal people I know would think she were big. But it doesn’t matter what I think.


So who is to blame for this ridiculous notion that women should have no muscle and no strength? Well the answer is multi layered.


I blame the media for the comical idea that men should be 6 foot plus and fairly muscular, but with stick legs. And women should look like a starved 13 year old pre-pubescent. That’s not going to work; if this so called ideal were to become a reality the human race would die off within 3 generations.


I blame men for creating this ideal. Men tend to be the ones pushing this look, whether they are magazine owners, fashion designers, or journalists trying to sell a rag or a book.


I blame women for putting up with this crap; think for yourselves will you. The slightest degree of critical thinking will confirm that this whole ideal is total crap.

Girly_SquatDude – She’s Huuuuge! 

And I blame the gym industry. Even women who do want to be athletic and strong are let down by the advice they’re given. In general the strength programmes women are given are pathetic, the exercises given are worthless, and as for the loading recommendations – they’re laughable! If Dumbbells happen to go lighter than the usual 2.5kg (5lbs), then women will be encouraged to use then.


The real shame of all this is that in general I would say that women tend to work harder than most guys; admittedly that isn’t saying much, but most just need to be pointed in the right direction and encouraged to put some weight on the dammed bar.


When this happens I get the greatest high I ever get in a gym. These strong women start to believe that they can do something more strenuous than Pilates. They see that they don’t have to be weak all their lives. And one of the funniest things is seeing pencil-neck men scurrying away from the weight room. It warms my heart!


Now I realise that I’m not going to change the World today. I’d love the fashion industry to vanish. I’d love to see women become confident and strong. And I’ve love to see men supporting women who are athletic and strong, rather than talking shit behind their backs, because they aren’t able to accept how weak and pathetic they are. All I’m hoping for is that I might get my potentially great lifter back.


Be Mighty (especially you women),