The Secret of Success

The Secret of Success

Hey Buddy!


Yes you. Do you want to know the secret to developing that strong, lean, healthy body you always wanted? Do you want the secret to Becoming Mighty?


Come closer, listen… here it comes…


Perform consistenthard work!


What a way to sell a book! I gave you the secret before you spent a cent.


My new book, Becoming Mightychallenges the perception that hard work is a negative thing; you’ll actually look forward to turning heads in the gym as your training becomes a thing of legend.


Becoming Mighty cuts through all the crap you might have heard as regards how to train for a particular goal; and once you master the basic exercises, which by the way are fully illustrated in Becoming Mighty, you’ll have tools which will keep you Mighty for a lifetime.


Speaking of lifetimes, I’ve spent the over 30 years training, reading, and learning from the best people and research I could find, including 6 trips (so far)to Westside Barbell, where I have picked the brain of my friend Louie Simmons, who is in my opinion (and many others) the World’s greatest strength coach.


This lifetime of experience has culminated in Becoming Mighty, the only “how to” book you’ll ever need!


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