The Return of the 5kg Dumbbell Workout

Today on the Mighty Cast Nick and I spoke about something close to our collective hearts; the issue of putting the dammed weight up! Here’s an article I wrote on the subject a while ago –

Increase the Damn Weight

And the related podcast:

I’ll save me the time and you the frustration of reading duplicate pieces by not repeating myself – well not too much anyway. What I am going to blog about is the reason for revisiting “Increase the Dammed Weight”, and that is the news that the 5kg Db workout is alive and well.

I don't care how hot she is, she's wasting her time!


The 5kg Db workout! You know the one, it’s that old stand by where one grabs the aforementioned dumbbells and performs every exercise they know, good and bad. It usually starts with Curls, obviously not straightening the arm as that would show passable form; this is followed by 1/8 Lunges, where the front knee bends – just. Next up is that old classic, the Tricep Kickback, which is followed by a 1/8 Squat, wow how to ruin a great exercise! The giant set is usually completed with Side Bends, obviously using a dumbbell in each hand to emphasise the trainees complete lack of any knowledge of physics (pivots).


The rationale behind this is that the trainee doesn’t want to get too muscular, so this kind of programme is going to guarantee that doesn’t happen. It actually ensures that nothing really happens. Perfect!


I hope you can feel the sarcasm seeping through; this type of weight training, along with training on machines is a complete waste of time. I have actually spoken to these types numerous times, often months after they’ve given up on weight training because it didn’t work for them – really! Obviously I replied by saying that if you stopped acting like a pussy and actually lifted weights on the basic movements then they would improve – well, I say something like that; unfortunately I have to be nice from time to time.


The problem is that those who need to see this probably won’t; I know I’m mainly preaching to the converted but those of you who appreciate what I do please pass this on to those who really need it. Lets stop the crap now, everyone deserves the chance to be Mighty.