The Problem with Problem Areas

The Problem with Problem Areas

by Chris Young

I love the Wii; we even have a Wii Zone in the gym I run. It encourages people to exercise who might not do so otherwise; I’m for anything that gets people moving.

However, as much as I like the Wii, I cringed when I heard the commercial for the new Wii Fit Plus. The announcer stated, “now exercises that target hard to reach problem areas!”

In another commercial for an exercise system called Zumba, the narrator was just as enthusiastic stating, “a great way to target those problem areas.”

What’s wrong with that you might say; well, while it is possible to target certain areas, the commercials are pretty misleading. Let’s look at one of my favorite so called problem areas as an example – the Butt, or Glutes to be more accurate.

First, let’s address the spot reduction myth – yet again! You can’t target an area through exercise and lose fat from that area. Fat is used by the body as energy (calories) when you’re using more energy than you consume. This fat is used from the last area which it was accumulated, last on, first off, so to speak.

What we can do is build more muscle; by the way, more muscle equals more calories burned, even at rest!

So how do you target the glutes? With the lowest height step class ever (Wii Fit)? How about dancing around shaking heavy maracas (well if 2lbs is heavy!)? If only! No, the Glutes are the body’s main pivot; they need to be worked with HEAVY Squats and variations of, HEAVY Deadlifts, HEAVY Step Ups, and HEAVY Lunges. Is the message coming through? They need to be worked HEAVY and HARD. The answer to targeting this (and all) problem areas is consistent, heavy lifting – not woo training.

Any excuse to get this picture in an article!

If you have any questions concerning Glute training, or anything exercise or health and fitness related then please feel free to ask me at

To see some HEAVY Squats and Deadlifts type getmightynow (no gaps) into the youtube search engine or follow the links on this site and see some footage from myself and my lifting crew.

Good luck with those problem areas!

Chris is a British and World Champion Drug Free Powerlifter who has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, he currently runs the gym at the very prestigious Spa at Pennyhill Park ( Along with Powerlifting, Chris has competed nationally in Martial Arts, and has dabbled in Drug Free Bodybuilding. Chris can be contacted through