The Not So Grim Challenge

The Not So Grim Challenge

The pussification of society continues.


Last weekend in this region of the UK the “Grim Challenge” was scheduled to be run. The Grim is an off shoot of cross country running where the organiser adds in things like running through a swamp, wading through streams, having to swim through muddy rivers, and even crawl under cargo nets. With normal cross country one ends up very tired, and maybe a little wet. With the Grim, and other events like it one ends up very tired and totally covered in crap, sometimes literally!


Last week the South of England got hit by some fairly nasty weather, temperatures dropped to -2-3 degrees C and it snowed, but by the weekend the worst of the snow had cleared and it was just cold.


Last year the grounds where this 8.5 mile run take place were frozen but because the Grim takes place on Army land they drove the tanks through to break up the ice. Those competing were expecting similar this year.


Taking all this into account I was baffled when I saw my boss, who’s also one of these nutters who likes to do this kind of stuff, drinking wine the evening before the run. He told me it’s off!


The official reason, well the reason I was told is that the organisers felt it was hard for people to get to the grounds. But the weather was clearing, by Saturday even my friend Pippa, who can’t drive in anything other than perfect conditions, could have driven.


All I have to say is “Wimps”. OK, that’s not all I have to say. But this is an extreme event, and some of these athletes have been training hard for months. My boss was in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in. When I saw him he seemed quite relieved that the run was cancelled but I bet a day or two later he wasn’t happy! I know I wouldn’t have been.


It is a sad day indeed when the mighty “Grim Challenge” is taken down by the pussification of society.

Be Mighty,