The Answer to “Why a Home Gym?”

Chris admits he is not Einstein.

There is a great quote / story attributed to Einstein.

Einstein’s assistant asks the great man which test to give to the students this week; Einstein answers; “but professor”, the assistant asks, “we gave them that test last week!” “Indeed” said Einstein, “but this week the answers are different”.

I only say this because I really like the story; this weeks blog is one question but with several great answers; that’s hardly changing the answers now is it? But then again I’m not Einstein.

So… Why a HOME gym?


Great Answer 1

Because the gyms available to the average person (who doesn’t want to remain average) are selling you short.

I won’t go too in depth here as Nick posted an excellent blog covering this issue: Why Your Gym Probably Sucks

In the UK it’s unusual to see a Power Rack or even Dumbbells over 25kg – what a disgrace!

How are you supposed to become mighty in such an environment?

The Real Answer – Get a home gym; Phase 1 will enable you to become pretty mighty; phase 2 will allow you to finish the job.


Listen to Episode 5 of the Mighty Cast for what I consider to be needed in phases 1-4.


Great Answer 2

Even though most chain gyms are totally shite they still get busy; it regularly used to take me 2-3 hours to perform a session which should take no more than 60 minutes.

The Real Answer – Get a home gym; when I went from training at a chain gym to training at Darkside Phase 1, I estimate that I saved at least 3-4 hours of gym time as well as 4 hours of travelling, and the cost of petrol.

Also a final point as regards cost; my phase 1 set up cost was about as much as 2 years of membership to a chain gym. I believe that when I factor in travelling costs that phase 1 of Darkside was paid for in a year.


Great Answer 3

Often with a chain you’re forced to change your hours around so that you don’t bump into that annoying tosser who asks you all those bloody stupid questions.

The Real Answer – Get a home gym; it’s better to train on your own than with the wrong people. If, however you can surround yourself with the right people, and you develop a lifting club you will all become mighty!


Great Answer 4

Don’t you just love listening to that commercial pop / dance they play?

The Real Answer – Get a home gym; and Britney Spears can be a thing of the past. Hand on heart I don’t know any of her songs after that one where she was dressed as a school girl – which in many ways was quite creepy.


Great Answer 5

Even if you only take a passing interest in strength sports you’ll notice that 90% of elite Powerlifters, Strongmen, and Bodybuilders train in non chain gyms.

The Real Answer – Get a home gym; if you have anything other than even the most basic goals, then sadly it’s doubtful that these goals will be achieved at a chain gym.

I would never say that the only reason a great athlete became that way was due to their training environment but I’m pretty convinced that it’s a major influence. Just look at Westside Barbell, Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach back in the day, and even my little Darkside; those who train at such gyms achieve more than those who train at chain gyms.

Now dear reader, before you raise your hand in protest, about to tell me that Gold’s is indeed a chain, let me say that Gold’s Venice was a one off in it’s heyday, and according to many old timers I have spoken to say that these days it’s not what it was – but us old timers always say that don’t we;)

Be Mighty,