Start The New Year Properly

Here’s an idea!

How about this year you do things right.

It doesn’t start with a drunken “This year it’s going to be different”, but with a sober, well thought out goal.

Assuming you’re sober here are 3 key strategies which could make all the difference.


1. Don’t buy into crap!

OK, you’ve come across Get Mighty Now so you’re less likely to fall for pseudoscientific nonsense, so long as you read / watch / listen to our material, but please keep your guard up.

Around New Year time this nonsense can range from “Detox” solutions which after doing a quick Amazon search showed that remedies range from £4.59 for 10 days worth of a Michael Van Straten kit through to a glorified sweat suit which runs to £1260. Just in case you’re wondering everything I saw ranged from utter crap to unnecessary. Other too good to be true products range from exercise systems such as those discussed in Mighty Cast 89, and related to the above, a multitude of highly questionable nutritional systems. If you’re looking for a nutritional plan check out my Get Mighty Now brother Nick’s excellent system here – As with all our products it’s not easy, it takes work but it does get results, unlike many other highly promoted systems.

Bottom line if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Nonsense has been pedalled for many years!

2. Take massive action in one area of your life.

It could be really changing your diet by using Nick’s Earn Your Carbs system as mentioned above, or it could be finally committing to following one of my programmes for the next 3 months. Many have an alcohol free January, which I like to think of as a cheap detox, or you could even commit to get an average of 8 hours of sleep a night. Whatever it is pick one and do it for 6 weeks.


3.  Kaizen one area of your life.

Kaizen is slow continued improvement. Kaizen could be as simple as going to bed 5 minutes earlier than your usual time for a week, do this for 12 weeks and you’ll be getting an hour of sleep extra each night after 12 weeks.

A Kaizened nutritional strategy might be to eat one floret of broccoli every day. And an exercise strategy might be to perform 1 set of 15 reps in the Bulgarian Split Squats at the end of each session. Everyone hates Bulgarian Split Squats so this would be a great way to make sure you do them; come on, it’s only 1 set:)


Follow these strategies this New Year and it could be a Mighty Year for you.


Be Mighty,