Some People Believe Some Really Weird Things

Some People Believe Some Really Weird Things.


Some people believe some really weird things!

The Breatharians believe that humans can live on air alone.


There are the Flat Earthers who still those who believe that the Earth is flat.


And in a rather scary way there are those who believe that the end times are here; if you’re a believer you will be raptured, if not you burn in hell. Very nice!


And maybe the most deluded of all are those who believe that lifting ridiculously light weights for many reps will have any positive affect on the body whatsoever! Usually this is done with relatively ineffectual exercises; funnily enough this seems to go hand in hand.


My motivation for this post was seeing a gentleman at the gym at which I work (not Darkside) training with his partner; they were performing Tricep Pushdowns and Cable Curls using 7.5kg on each movement. He was weak and puny, obviously, but did not seem to be disabled, as he managed to go a fair lick on the Cross Trainer.

Some People will Believe Anything! BTW the website I got this from was a beaut!

He seemed like a nice middle class kind of guy; he didn’t seem deluded when I spoke to him but his actions showed that he wasn’t all there. Poor chap, destined to be puny and weak for a while yet.


The really tragic element in all this is that from the list above very few people believe in any of the other weird beliefs; I suppose that quite a few say they believe in end-times but they don’t act as though they do. But from my standpoint it seems that the majority of gym goers really believe that light weights really work; this must be the case if we are to take their actions into account.


The truth is that if we wish to improve then we have to force an adaption through our training. This means lifting heavy on the basic movements not messing around performing silly (or I should say inappropriate) exercises, with little or no resistance.

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