Resolution Tool Kit

I hate New Years resolutions but I’m going to have to fit in with the norm just this once.

Mighty Mouth – New Year Message


Set your Goal, and make it SMART:

S – Specific. What do you want, exactly? Lose a bunch of fat? A bigger Bench Press?

M – Measurable. 15kg of fat; 140kg Bench Press.

A – Achievable. If you can only Bench 70kg right now then 140 isn’t achievable this coming year. Maybe set a goal of 100kg by 1st July.

R – Relevant. If you desire to become a lean and muscular 100kg bodyweight then having the goal of completing a Triathlon in April isn’t relevant.

T – Time Bound. You want to lose 15kg of fat but by when? If you’re quite overweight then 15kg of fat by 1st July would be a goal which tick all of these boxes.

Do you want a 6… err make that an 8 pack?

Or perhaps a big Squat?

Next acquire your tools. You need the correct tool for the job. If your goal is fat loss then check out our products page and have a look at “Fatso No More”. If you’re an advanced lifter looking to go to the next level then “The Mighty Method” would be the tool for you.

Don’t forget The Mighty Cast, our weekly podcast where Nick and I discuss all things strength and fitness.


In the United States you have it easy; every gym (pretty much) will have heavy dumbbells, and at least 1 power rack. This is not the case in the UK and other parts of the World. Do you best to find a gym where you can achieve your goals. Point out to the gym manager that (s)he wouldn’t expect a runner to use a treadmill which could only go up to 10kph, so why should you accept that this gym only has dumbbells which go to 25kg. If it weren’t so tragic it would be funny.


If your gym refuses to at least give you a chance of achieving your goals then I urge you to set up your own home gym. In the UK you could purchase what I call a stage 1 set up for little more than £1000; about 2 years membership at most facilities.


Please don’t settle for less. I am prepared to help in any way I can; feel free to email me at


Action! So you have now done all the ground work, you’ve set your goals, you’ve collected your tools, and you’ve found / created the right environment. Now all you have to do is act. As one of my favourite authors Christopher Hitchens used to say, “act as if”. Act as if what you are doing in the gym is going to make a difference, it is. Act as if it is inevitable that you will achieve that goal, it is. Act as if you already are that new person you are becoming, for you will become that person.


This isn’t the Secret, it’s not merely about wanting it. You have to do the ground work, and you have to act as if, but so long as you do these things your dreams will become reality.


Be Mighty in 2013,