Set New Records with Advanced Techniques

The Mighty Method picks up where Becoming Mighty left off… giving you the tools of the advanced lifter to:
  • Crash through your plateaus
  • Get stronger than ever before
  • Continue adding slabs of muscle
  • Fire-up your fat-burning furnace

You Will Learn…

  • The Mighty Method, how it works, and how to adapt it to your training needs
  • How to put max effort, assistance, prehab/rehab & filler work together
  • How to use intensification methods to defeat stubborn plateaus
  • How to use accommodating resistance correctly including:
    • How to safely train the chaos movements
    • How to properly setup bands, chains & weight releasers
    • Differences between light and heavy power racks
  • The shortcomings of some of the most popular training systems out there, and how to improve on them

You Also Get…

  • Detailed pictures and instructions for setting up accommodating resistance so you can lift safely
  • Essential tools for the advanced lifter including loosening drills, stretching and self myofacial release (SMR)
  • Advanced Programs for:
    • Speed Cycles
    • General Training
    • Powerful Fat-Loss
    • Ultra-Structured Training
    • The Old Geeza Powerlifter
    • The Old Geeza Bodybuilder
    • The Newly Advanced Powerlifter
    • The Newly Advanced Bodybuilder
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  • If you want your money back for any reason whatsoever…

I’ll give you a full refund.

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