Take Your Training to the Next Level

Forget the saying “Work Smarter, Not Harder” because when it comes to changing your body… you need to Work Smarter AND Harder!

In Becoming Mighty You Will Learn How to…

  • Get strong
  • Pack on the muscle
  • Burn calories like nothing else
  • Lift correctly for safer, faster gains

You’ll Also Learn…

  • The habits that make you mighty
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to save time, money & effort
  • How to avoid the mistakes I’ve made
  • How to focus your training for better results
  • How to warm-up and for safety and performance
  • How to use your personality to improve your training.
  • How to program correctly for strength, muscle & fat-loss
  • How to identify, set & consistently make progress on your goals
  • The lifts that give the biggest bang for your buck
  • Training misconceptions that keep you from your goals
  • Special considerations for the elderly, women and children
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