Predictions for 2012

Predictions for 2012

Hey if crazy psychics can spout all kinda of crap as regards predictions then so can I. And I can’t lose; if I’m wrong then no one will hold me to my predictions; if I get more than a few right I might make a few pennies from day-time TV in a year or so.


  • Ron Paul will become President of the US running as an independent. That one on its own will be enough to make me famous!

  • After the success of Salsa and Zumba, the next dance to become a fitness craze will be “Headbanging”. All that’s needed is long greasy hair, a neck harness, and a stack of 20kg weight plates. Oh, and a 98 page disclaimer before taking part.
  • Burning a Few Calories in 2012
  • I will win the Booker prize for “Becoming Mighty”, and the face of strength and fitness will have changed forever. Oh yeah, it’s a prediction list not a dream list.

  • My heart says the Packers will repeat and win Superbowl XLVI; my head says it will probably be the Saints.

  • Randy Cairns will become IPF World Champion in the Super, Duper Heavyweight class – unopposed.

  • Dazla’s retirement will come to an end – when he realises that he needs to do some cardio in order to play Rugby.

  • The UKs coalition government will fail resulting in a General Election, which the Tories will gain an overall majority, with the Lib Dems losing 30+ seats.

  • Muscle Russell will win a natural Bodybuilding show.

  • Oprah Winfrey will die after taking a homeopathic cold remedy. Oh please, please!

  • Nick will make his first million; hopefully from

  • Manchester City will win the English Premier League, and Barcelona will win the Champions League. OK, I realise that I’m not going out on a limb here but that show just how boring football is.

  • Prince Philip will die; and insult St Peter at the gates of Heaven.

  • Everyone will have forgotten who Tim Tebow is.

  • Wales will win the 6 Nations, but not the Grand Slam.

  • Darkside’s Alex “Tank” Montagnani will win his BAMMA debut with a sensational KO.

  • A major Earthquake / Tidal Wave will hit the Philippines.

  • Usain Bolt, the World’s greatest athlete will not win the double in the London Olympics; Yohan Blake will win the 200m in a WR.

  • Behdad Salimi of Iran will win the Super Heavyweight Weightlifting Title, and set a WR in the Snatch in the process.

  • Staying with the Olympics, the opening ceremony will be a let-down in comparison to Beijing, but the games will be a success as a whole.

  • And by the end of 2012 I will be injury free….. Now that’s wishful thinking!


Well that’s it for 2012’s predictions; bring the flack on!

Be Mighty,