Part of the Problem


There’s no Mighty Cast this week as Nick is on holiday; apparently there is still some food left in America. And besides last weeks Mighty Cast – “What Are You Doing” came in at a massive 2 hours and 50 minutes, so you’re probably still listening to that anyway.

Sticking with the subject of “What Are You Doing” I pointed out that we, the media are a massive part of the problem; the problem of why many of you are doing some dammed stupid stuff in the gym. As if to emphasise my point the good old Times newspaper in it’s Saturday 11th August issue got silly about Olympic fever, and ran a piece where celebrity personal trainer Matt Roberts gave readers exercises which would give them an Olympians physique in just 6 weeks.


Wow, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years; to get the back and shoulders of Michael Phelps all one needs to do, according to Roberts, is some light Dumbbell Reverse Flyes. All these years I’ve been doing things like Rack Pulls Vs quadded light bands to develop my upper back and shoulders, which always really mess me up, and I was missing the obvious. Boy am I stupid.

Just a few single leg Squats according to celebrity trainer Matt Roberts – Yeah right

I find all this rather disrespectful; it’s disrespectful of Olympic athletes who plan their training in 4 year cycles, and then work their arses off. They don’t do short term 6 week plans.


It’s disrespectful of the Times readership who are expected to swallow this crap. For my readers outside of the UK the Times is one of the oldest newspapers in the World, and despite having a dodgy owner it’s still considered a quality newspaper; I suggest it’s about time they acted like one.


And finally it’s disrespectful to me – I’d rather be writing about other things, although I admit i do like to vent once in a while. But this is the simplistic kind of crap that the public lap up. I’ve said many times before that the public gets what they deserve, but this was bad even by the UK media’s incredibly low standards. If you see anything by Matt Roberts then please don’t buy it, it only encourages this little toad.


I don’t expect anything approaching competence from Matt Roberts, who for years has shown himself to be someone who’ll pander to the wishes of the public rather than tell them what they need to hear. He’s not as bad as Tracy Anderson, but then again who could be? But as with Ms Anderson he’s doing the public a great disservice; he is either stupid, which I doubt, or disingenuous, which I suspect.


An Olympic special Mighty Cast is coming next week; until then Be Mighty,

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