A Painful Lesson

It all started in the spring of 1982, Ah I remember it so well, or perhaps I should say ouch!


It was my own fault, I was trying to kick the guy who had just dispossessed me during a soccer match and I remember seeing my leg going beyond straight and then the pain hit, and boy did it hit. The doctor said I had damaged the ligaments of my knee and I needed to rest.


Lesson Learned – 1982 was not a good year to mess up ones knee.


My new scar – finally a cool scar


Over the next 3 years I kept trying to return to football (soccer) despite not being very good at it. And in the process injured my knee to varying degrees another 10-15 times!

Lesson Learned – Twice might be coincidence, 10 or more recurrences of injury tends to suggest that you should give up that sport.

In 1985 a funny thing happened. I had all my cartilage removed and I was struck with a lightning bolt of common sense. I got more into my lifting and stayed away from multi-directional sport.


Lesson Learned – Appreciate a good thing when you have it.


Obviously I didn’t ¬†appreciate this good thing, I wanted more, and so my dalliance with Martial Arts started. Even I knew after kicking my own knee out – twice that Muay Thai wasn’t ideal for me so the next 12 years were spent doing Aikido and Judo, better for my knee than Muay Thai but not ideal. While not quite as stressful on the knee as Muay Thai Aikido and Judo still wrecked havoc on it over the years.


Lesson Learned – I loved doing Martial Arts and would change a moment of it, that statement probably says a lot about how stupid I am!


11 years ago I retired from Martial Arts due to a couple of concussions and finally took up Powerlifting, of which I have written a fair amount about and I won’t repeat it here.


Lesson Learned – Although Powerlifting wasn’t the perfect kind of training for me to do it was kinder on my joints than Martial Arts. And lets face it, training with sub-maximal loads for sets of 3-8 reps is nowhere near as appealing as smashing a big single (1 rep). Yes if I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently, but not that differently.


Learn from my lessons Dear Reader and perhaps you will avoid unnecessary damage to your body.


Be Mighty, but sensible.