Not All Roads Lead to Rome

Not All Roads Lead to Rome

Or as I should say not all exercise modalities will give equal results.


I was motivated to write this by Facebook friend and fellow old school training curmudgeon Alastair Green, who after reading my article on how to choose a trainer said, most health and fitness professionals don’t have a clue as regards weight training; actually what he said was slightly more to the point but you get my gist.


I believe the cornerstone of this problem is that the general public now perceive that all types of exercise will give, provided they are done on a consistent basis, a roughly equal result. But because the average person rarely sticks to any form of exercise for any length of time this erroneous notion is rarely disproved, and thus perpetuates.


Before I go into specifics I must say that any exercise is better than no exercise at all. Even performing a Wii Fit routine 3 times a week will get better results than one of the excellent programmes outlined in my book Becoming Mighty, if those excellent programmes are never or even rarely performed.

Fine if you like it; but it’s not like lifting weights! 

Having said this it’s time that the public was made aware that not all forms of exercise are created equal. If the goal of the individual is to change the shape of their body, or as the kids say, to look good naked, then the most efficient and effective form of exercise is intelligent weight training; and I believe it’s the best by a very long way.


Intelligent weight training means performing the big lifts, Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, Rows, Benches, Pull Ups, Etc. on a regular and progressive basis. Aside from lack of consistency, the reason most people don’t get results from weight training is that they think lifting weights means doing curls and kickbacks! No wonder people think that Pilates is just as hard.


With this kind of hard intelligent weight training I would expect a man within 6 months to achieve a 140kg Squat, a 70kg Press, a 160kg Deadlift, and to be equally strong in all other lifts, so long as they’re healthy. Now if this man were also eating in line with his goals then his physique would have changed appreciably; he would now be well muscled and lean(er). Running and Biking just doesn’t do this, simply look at the condition of most that finish the London Marathon; the best these guys can hope for is to be skinny. And by the way skinny isn’t good; it’s like saying I want to be weak and unhealthy.


John Grimek, drug free Weightlifter and Bodybuilder from the 30s and 40s; what intelligent weight training can achieve! 

Now if you believe what I say the choice is now yours. If you want to look exceptional, or be exceptionally strong then buy my book –

If your behaviours don’t match your goal then something has to change; either follow my recommendations of change your goal, it’s up to you. But don’t think that doing Zumba will illicit the same results as hard, intelligent weight training, it won’t!


Be Mighty,