No Cherry Picking Allowed!

Quite rightly there has been quite a bit of awe as regards Nick’s transformation; obviously people are demanding to know how he did it, which is quite understandable.


Wow, quite a change!


In the last couple of months we’ve discussed Nick’s progress at length on most episodes of the Mighty Cast but specifically the monsterous 3 hour epic which was The Mighty Power of Habit:


What I want to do here though is minimise the inevitable cherry picking which many will do. I can see it now, I’ll take the 3-4000 calorie pig out, but I won’t bother with the training! and 3 months later we receive an email saying “your system sucks!” To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me.


As far as training is concerned Nick has followed many of the programmes we promote here – – both fat loss and especially strengthening programmes. Because he has trained so hard for so many years Nick started his fat loss odyssey from a very muscular starting position. This means that when Nick talks about his somewhat unusual nutritional practices on the Mighty Cast it doesn’t mean that you can do the same.


After training Nick has spoken about putting away 3-4’000 calories of not the best food; now he needs to feed his body after training and he has found that this approach helps him stay

a) muscular
b) he enjoys it and
c) he blood lipid profiles are better than ever.

This means that this single aspect of his regime is fine for him but probably not for you.


If you Deadlift 250kg then PERHAPS you can have a post training meal like Nick’s – But you’d better ask nicely!


Understand that Nick’s post training meal is around 70-80% of his total calorific intake; Nick’s breakfast is coffee, MCT oil, and some protein powder (whey isolate I believe). He has a couple of light healthy meals before training, which as we know is followed by the blow out. The question is dear reader, what can you take from this?

1. The key to fat loss is adjusting your habits

2. Prioritise adding muscle mass through using the programmes we recommend here

3. At your level your post training meal might be 1000 calories; yes, this and not breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And this might be half of your daily calorific intake.

4. Understand that the condition that Nick attained in the above pic is a peak of condition for him. If you want to look your best, pick a time / event and work towards that. Once peak condition is reached allow yourself some slack and then re-commit to the next event. Don’t try and hold peak condition, you’ll end up frustrated.

At Get Mighty Now we tell it how it is; Nick didn’t use this or that supplement, he trained his ass off, and he follows habits which are conducive to fat loss. If this is your goal then you need to do the same.

Be Mighty,