Must Have Microwave Cooking Tools


No Problem.

Here are a few microwave-safe tools I’ve used HUNDREDS of times over the past 2 years along with a few tips I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Nordic Ware 64802 Microwave Egg Boiler
price: $9.99 (new), $9.90 (used)


Cooking hard boiled eggs perfectly requires a little experimentation.

To make the perfect eggs every time, remember:

  • The eggs will be HOT!
    Use cooking mits for removal.
  • The eggs will keep cooking until cooled.
    You can speed up the cooling by running them under cool water.
  • Cook more than you need:
    3 eggs with a bit of seasoning salt is a great snack to have ready for day trips!

Fresh, steamed veggies ready to go in just a few minutes!

Forget washing leaves or having your veggies go bad.

  • Buy frozen veggies in bulk (store in freezer)
  • Heat up for a quick snack (or side) anytime you want in just a few minutes
  • Add a slice of cheese (or several) to make your broccoli and cauliflower even more delicious!
  • Try salsa / garlic salt / butter / guacamole / cinnamon (separately) for some variety!

Who says veggies taste bad?

Only people who don’t know how to cook em right!

Who doesn’t love a nice, hot potato smothered in cheese, butter, tomatoes, onions & a bit of S&P?!

Forget 2 hours in the over wrapped in tinfoil…
how about hot potatoes ready in under 10 minutes?!

  • Poke some holes (so they don’t explode)
  • Pop in the mic for a few minutes
  • Split open & add toppings
  • Nuke a couple more minutes
  • Enjoy!

Now, remember you’ll want to Earn Your Carbs with these bad boys… but once you’ve hit the gym or been carb-free long enough, they’re about as fine a treat as any and a lot healthier than most things you’re likely to be thinking of!

So Earn Your Carbs & Enjoy!

One Final Note: Not all microwave cookers are winners…
For example, the microwave omelettes taste like rubber… YUCK!

But with the above recommendations… you can’t go wrong.

Happy Eating!