Mighty Cast 9: The Press

Play Mighty Cast – Episode 9

Greetings Dear Listener!

In Episode 9 you will learn why the (standing) press is AMAZING, including:

  • Progression
  • Variations
  • Coaching Cues
  • Epic Press Stories
  • and the first podcast response to a listener question!

Enjoy and be sure to check-out the show notes below!

If you want to be strong, you press!

Press Videos

Serge Redding – 502lb. (228kg.) Clean & Press

Vasily Alexeev – 230kg. (507lb.) Clean & Press

Not quite Alexeyev or Redding but a quick instructional video for you.

Show Notes for Mighty Cast Episode 9

Links to various stuff mentioned during the podcast. If we missed anything, please let us know with the “feedback” button. Thanks!

Eugene Sandow & The Golden Age of Iron Men