Mighty Cast 21: Fun Intensification Techniques

Episode 21

Accommodating resistance, forced reps, rest/pause, running the rack, strip sets, timed sets…

You’ll learn all the oldies plus several new goodies!

  • Accommodating resistance with bands, chains, weight releasers & chaos
  • Rest/Pause with 12 minutes of hell, Dogg Crapp, Grionda 8×8, EDT, Fatso Circuits, Matrix Training (21s)
  • Forced Positives & Negatives
  • Running the rack, ladders
  • Strip Sets varying weight, ROM, angle, variations & neurological tweaks
  • Timed sets including the 12 minutes of hell

And of course, a few notes on how to do it all safely.


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Date Tate Strip Set

Chaos Benching @ Darkside

Show Notes

You can pick-up your bands and chains @ http://www.elitefts.net

… had to put something in the show notes!