Mighty Cast 14: Realistic Expectations

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Realistic Expectations

Nothing is real on TV, the radio, or in the advertisements that bombard your daily life.

We know what works, but most of it is illegal.

If you want to be an elite athlete, you need to break the law and sacrifice your health. Not that anything’s wrong with this in our opinion, but if you choose to obey the law, Realistic Expectations are crucial for success and motivation.

In Episode 14 you’ll learn the truth about personal enhancers:

  • The quickest way to lose fat quickly and easily
  • The quickest way to gain freakish amounts of muscle
And then you’ll learn how to:
  • Increase your bench instantly
  • Increase your squat instantly
  • Increase your deadlift instantly
And finally discuss:
  • The quickest way to lose fat healthily and legally
  • The quickest way to gain muscle healthily and legally
  • Where our expectations come from
  • The good, bad and ugly of the Internet
  • Why we prefer long-term goals and good habits over good drugs and gear

If you have unrealistic expectations, you’re far more likely to lose motivation and give up.

Much better to have Realistic Expectations, feel good about your progress, and live a long, strong and healthy life.

Or, if you’re young and have dreams of being one of the best in the world at a particular sport – better to know the truth now before it’s too late

Realistic Expectations: One of the most dark and important episodes yet!


Realistic Expectations for health and motivation.

Powerlifting Comparison


Donnie Thompson squats 1300lbs (progression)



Rich DeLeon misses (harshly) 683lbs – WDFPF Worlds Unequipped Powerlifting Championship 2009

(Yours truly watches on from the wings)

Bodybuilding Comparison


Mr Olympia Phil Heath


Natural Mr Universe Mike O’Hearn

Show Notes for Mighty Cast Episode 14

Powerlifting Watch’s All-Time World Records Chart

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