Mighty Cast 13: The Bench Press

Play Mighty Cast – Episode 13

The Bench Press

Learn all about training the Bench Press including:

  • Why the Big and Strong… Bench!
  • The Bench Press Continuum (or lack thereof)
  • How to Coach the Bench Press
  • Bench Press Cues
  • The Ideal Bar Path Debate
  • Stupid Sh1t You Should Not Do!
  • Bench Press Variations
  • Speculation about the Best Drug-Free Bench

and even a bit of talk about bench press specialists!

If you want to learn more about the bench press, we’ve got it covered!

Enjoy and be sure to check-out the show notes below!

What you’ve all been waiting for… THE BENCH PRESS!

Mighty Videos

Jim Wendler Instructing Chris on the Bench

One Arm Cable Press with Nick Tumminello

Safe Benching Setup

(video coming soon)

Show Notes for Mighty Cast Episode 13

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