Mighty Cast 12: Abdominal Training

Play Mighty Cast – Episode 12


In Episode 12 you get to learn all about training the Abz (Chris’ preferred usage) including:

  • What most people do (incorrectly)
  • The Spot Reduction Myth
  • The Problem with Crunches
  • What the abs are meant to do
  • Direct Ab Training
    • Front Flexion (and a discussion of TWAT)
    • Side Flexion
    • Rotation / Anti-Rotation

and… The best way to get really strong abs!

Enjoy and be sure to check-out the show notes below!

The kids love Chris cause he says “Abz!”

Mighty Videos

Chris Squats for Abs

Hanging Leg Raises


KB Windmill Instruction

Landmine Instruction

Roman Chair Situps

The Flag

The Body Saw

More Videos Coming Soon

  • Saxon Side Bends

Show Notes for Mighty Cast Episode 12

This episode of the Mighty Cast is actually under an hour!