Mighty Cast 10: The Learning Process

Play Mighty Cast – Episode 10

Greetings Dear Listener!

In Episode 10 you’ll hear about Chris’ progression from skinny kid to World Champion Powerlifter.

Key points include:

  • Belief Driven Training (its limits & benefits)
  • Training Mentalities (how they can harm and help)
  • Chris’ Influences (People, Programmes & Philosophies)
  • The Importance of Skepticism (fact checking & admitting when you’re wrong)
  • A Preview of Things to Come

Enjoy and be sure to check-out the show notes below!

What? You weren’t always a powerlifter?!

Mighty Videos

Mighty Chris does a Mighty Squat, screams a mighty “Yeaaah!” sigh a mighty “Woaaaah!” and then passes out!

Breaking In Your Belt

Show Notes for Mighty Cast Episode 10

Links to various stuff mentioned during the podcast. If we missed anything, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

Westside Seminars on DVD

How to Lose Weight – Eat Less, Exercise More (NeuroLogica Blog)

Toro Bravo Powerlifting Belt Single Prong (Black, Large 33-43 inch waist)

publisher: Titan Support Systems


price: $69.00 (new)

Toro Bravo Powerlifting Belt – 10mm Thickness. Prong belts feature seamless 2mm thick walled roller 4″ wide 10 mm thickness IPF Approved

Dinosaur Training, Lost Secrets of Strength and Development (First Edition, 1996)

by: Brooks D. Kubik

publisher: Brooks D. Kubik, published: 1996


sales rank: 2668392

price: $43.33 (used)

From back cover – Are you tired of weight training books that consist of nothing but boring photos? Have you had it up to here with weight training books written by people who don’t know a barbell from a bagel or a dumbbell from a doughnut and who think a power clean is a new kind of laundry detergent? Will you commit cold blooded murder if you see another weigh training book for toners, shapes, pumpers and pencil necks? Are you interested in how the old-timers trained back in the Golden Era of Strength? Dinosaur training was written for you.

Dinosaur training focuses on real world strength training … becoming more powerful … building functional muscle … strengthening the tendons and ligaments … thick bar training … heavy weight … power rack work … heavy grip work … sandbag and barrel lifting … heavy support work … effort dedication … perseverance … concentration … determination … mental toughness … and the kind of hard nosed attitude that has all but disappeared from the Iron Game. (Description by http-mart)