Mighty Cast 93: Why the HELL Are You Using Machines?

Why the HELL Are You Using Machines?

I mean, what on earth could they possibly offer?

Well Рthere may be a time and a place, which is why we discuss:

  • A history of the weight machine industry
  • What classifies as a machine
  • The two types of machines
  • Common problems with machines
  • What machines can’t offer

And answer a few questions:

  • Are machines worth the price?
  • Do cables count as free weights?
  • Should machines be used when training to failure?
  • Can you do cardio without machines?
  • What are some good machines?

You will come away with some great ways to
encourage family & friends to train smarter.

But if they’re not listening, remember…


“No one is listening until you fart.”



And when you have their attention,
do them a favor & direct them to this episode ;)