Mighty Cast 65: Push it Real Good – A Question of Intensity

Episode 65

Push it Real Good – A Question of Intensity

Do you know the difference between INTENSE and HARD WORK?

Well, there’s a clear difference, and if you don’t know it, it may explain why you’re not getting the results you’re after!

In episode 65 of The Mighty Cast we discuss INTENSITY!

Learn how to “Push it Real Good” as well as…

  • The definition(s) of intensity
  • How intensity varies with max effort work depending on your training level
  • Intensity during Dynamic Effort (DE) work
  • Intensity progressions for Repeated Heavy Effort (RHE)
  • Intensity progressions for assistance work
  • Intensity for other work (prehab / rehab / fillers)

And of course, how to use intensity effectively while keeping the goal, the goal!


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