Mighty Cast 60: Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking

Episode 60

Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking

Get your weekly dose of PMA (positive mental attitude) this week on Episode 60 of The Mighty Cast – Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking!

Asking the right question… an important life skill too often ignored or forgotten.

The way we frame the world is so important, it’s one of the first skills taught in positive psychology and… despite our problems as skeptics with self-help gurus… is also usually a big part of their toolkits.

But don’t underestimate the power of positive framing & asking the right question!

Instead of asking questions like, “Why am I so fat?” and having an internal response like, “Because you’re a stupid, lazy pig!” you would be far better served asking something like, “What’s the smallest thing I can do right now that will have the greatest impact on my fat-loss goal?”

The answer to this second question is far more proactive and helpful than wasting your time beating yourself up for being in the state you’re in.

In short, this podcast is about asking better questions… helpful questions… that just might get you past your negative self-talk, help you set SMART goals, and get the results you’re after.

Learn which kinds of statements are almost universally unhelpful, which kinds of questions are a complete waste of your time to even consider… and how changes in your goals will affect which questions you ask.

Let’s get mental!


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