Mighty Cast 57: Proceed With Care

Episode 57

Proceed With Care

If you’re looking to try something new minus the typical newbie and long-term injuries that accompany your activity… then you’re going to LOVE this episode of the Mighty Cast!

This week we welcome Marie Tanner to the Mighty Cast to talk all about training, injuries and prevention. Marie is a Senior Physiotherapist with the NHS in the UK, Chris’ partner for many years, one of the special ladies who has been to Westside many times… and a great cook to boot!

In her own words, “I hurt people, and I’m a physio-terrorist.”

Get ready for knowledge bombs on everything from running to elite lifting including:

  • How to choose an activity
  • Cardio
  • Exercise Classes
  • Recreational Lifting
  • Serious Lifting
  • Martial Arts

Swimming, fighting… and a whole lot more!


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