Mighty Cast 56: March Review 2013

Episode 56

March Review 2013

The monthly review is one of the new things we’re doing in 2013. We highlight interesting blogs, videos, books, podcasts, etc. that we came across during the month.

Here’s a list of some of the things we discuss in episode 56 of The Mighty Cast:

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  • 1 Mighty Mouth
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  • 3 Training Videos

Other Articles

And of course several lifts from the Arnold Classic!


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Mighty Videos

Mighty Mouth – Do What You Can

Henry Thomason 1300lb Squat

Dave Hoff Best Total Ever

Eric Spoto 700lb Raw Bench

Mark Felix 1128lb Deadlift

Russ PR Squat

The Confederate States of America


Challenger Full Movie


Mark Bell on the 2013 Arnold Classic

Show Notes