Mighty Cast 53: February Review 2013

Episode 53

February Review

The monthly review is one of the new things we’re doing in 2013. We’ll highlight interesting blogs, videos, books, podcasts, etc. that we came across during the month.

Here’s a list of some of the things we discuss in episode 53 of The Mighty Cast:

Get Mighty Now Blog: What would you tell your future self?
Get Mighty Now Videos: 4 new quickies (see below), 7 training & 0 mighty mouth!

Chris’ Current Reading

Nick’s Reading & Review

Blog Highlights

Other Highlights

Listen in to hear the important bits concerning the above plus the usual tangents!


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Mighty Videos

Joe Rogan & Neil deGrasse Tyson


Meteor Over Russia

Quickie – Use Your Head

Quickie – Filming Lifts

Quickie – Rack Pulls

Quickie – Off-Loaded KB Swing