Mighty Cast 49: Not As Unique As You Think

Episode 49

Not As Unique As You Think

Think you’re unique?

Even if you’re the biggest fish in the lake… you’re still a fish!

In this episode of The Mighty Cast, we put to rest more common excuses that just don’t hold-up, and discuss where genetic traits may be a valid limitation…

After all, there aren’t many 5 foot basketball players or 7 foot Olympic lifters!

Oh, and if you ever wondered why teens do the stupid crap they do… here’s a hint…

They want to be unique!

But being unique takes time and hard work… factors that most kids don’t have working in their favor.

So kids, enjoy your childhood, develop good character, and know that your hard work will pay off with time IF you’re following your passion.

And if you’re a grown-up who still hasn’t learned to work hard… it’s never too late…

For the secret to becoming exceptional (unique), tune in dear listener…


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