Mighty Cast 47: Creating Consistency

Episode 47

Creating Consistency

So it’s almost February, and if you’re a typical Resolutionite… you’re probably having problems with consistency right about now!

But don’t worry, because in this episode of the mighty cast, we’re going to help you make your efforts consistent and sustainable!

Episode 47 of The Mighty Cast is all about Creating Consistency!

Learn about:

  • “The Secret” to creating consistency
  • Quick vs. Slow filters
  • Why Anyone can do 3-4 weeks
  • The difference between scattered and consistent training
  • The main obstacles to consistency
  • How to adjust for greater time and enthusiasm
  • Useful tips from Prochaska, Norcross & DiClemente

And perhaps most important of all…

  • Why you need a DEFAULT Program for long-term consistency!

Gold medalists aren’t made in 3-4 weeks… they’re made over years and decades of consistent practice!

Treat yourself like the athlete you are, and you’ll see far better results than the other jokers who are “playing at exercise.”


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