Mighty Cast 40: Fat Loss Tips

Episode 40

Fat Loss Tips

This week we discuss FAT LOSS TIPS in the final episode of our diet review.

We begin where we left off after Episode 38 discussing other methods of fat-loss including:

  • Ketogenic Diet Benefits
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • (NOT) Eating Breakfast
  • Increasing Sleep
  • Building Muscle

Go over a bit of uncommon knowledge:

  • Why a calorie isn’t a calorie
  • The cost of 0-calorie sweeteners
  • Eating what you are
  • Why cholesterol doesn’t raise your cholesterol
  • Why fat doesn’t make you fat
  • Carb Partitioning
  • The Importance of Sleep


Then we wrap-up with:

  • Why diets are not a good substitute for diet principles
  • The reason you’re overweight
  • Rules of thumb for success
  • How to scare your mother

And putting it all together…

What this all actually looks like in practice!

Enjoy, share, comment & flourish!


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