Mighty Cast 39: Duh!

Episode 39


This week on The Mighty Cast we talk about silly things that make you scratch your head…

You know, the kind of stuff that sounds good at first, but after a bit of a think makes you say… “Wait a minute!”

Topics covered include:

  • 20 Rep Squats
  • Unilateral Training
  • Never Training More than One Hour
  • Powerlifters Doing HIIT to Drop Weight
  • Which Cardio is Best for Fat Loss
  • Working the Inner Pecs
  • Coaching Cues
  • Bodypart Splits

And ending with Milo and progressive overload.

Enjoy your short reprieve from The Diet Review until next week!

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Show Notes

The Diet Review concludes next week with part 3 and boatloads of useful fat-loss tips, so look forward to it!