Mighty Cast 35: The Rogue Trainer

Episode 35

The Rogue Trainer

On this week’s episode of the Mighty Cast we interview The Rogue Trainer, Brian Nassar from http://www.the-truth-trainer.blogspot.com

The Rogue Trainer is on a mission to spread the truth about drug-free training including discussions of:

  • Exercise selection without steroids
  • Ideal training frequency without steroids
  • Training volume without steroids
  • Intensity without steroids
  • Periodization without steroids
  • Nutrition without steroids
  • Rest & Recovery without steroids
  • Realistic expectations without steroids

Chris & Brian hit it off and end up sharing several fascinating stories about the history of bodybuilding.

A special thanks again to Brian for making this week’s Mighty Cast a real treat!


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Show Notes

Check out The Rogue Trainer’s blog: The Truth Trainer