Mighty Cast 34: Fat Loss Client Stories

Episode 34

Fat Loss Client Stories

In this episode of the Mighty Cast, we talk about our fat-loss coaching experiences and cover many fat-loss tips and common pitfalls in the process.

Topics discussed include:

  • Fat-Loss Expectations
  • Fat-Loss Questions that Need Answers
  • Facing the Fear of Change
  • Having a Solid Plan of Action
  • Continuing Improvement
  • The View from the Top of the Mountain
  • How Client 3 Actually Lost 20lbs
  • Chris’ Greatest Fat Loss Client

Wherever you are in your fat-loss journey, you’re not alone. You’re way ahead of people who haven’t taken the steps you have, yet still behind those who have gone further. If others have managed to get through your sticky point, you can too.

Listen in to learn how!

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