Mighty Cast 33: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Episode 33

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

This week we look at our favorite documentary – Bigger, Stronger, Faster!

In elite sport, like politics, just about everyone bends the rules. The ones who get caught are villainized and the ones that don’t become legends.

In this episode, we discuss the many themes that come-up including:

  • The side effects of being American
  • Using steroids & playing by unwritten rules
  • How Louie Simmons of Westside continues rocking his authentic self
  • What constitutes cheating
    • Tiger Woods Eye Surgery
    • Roughing up a baseball
    • Armed Forces use of speed & steroids
    • Musicians & Beta Blockers
  • Why the bereaved should not lead the political agenda
  • Congressman Henry Waxman’s interview
  • The family scene where Chris Bell comes out about his steroid use
  • Problems with supplements
  • The legal use of steroids

And finally, a bit of debate between Chris & Nicks’ views on regulation & what role politics should play.


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BIGGER STRONGER FASTER* Deleted Scene-Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

Show Notes

For more comparisons of assisted vs. non-assisted competition, check out Mighty Cast – Episode 14: Realistic Expectations.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

publisher: Magnolia Home Entertainment ASIN: B001B7CNW4 EAN: 0876964001403 sales rank: 16700 price: $11.54 (new), $7.29 (used)

When you discover that your heroes have all broken the rules, do you follow the rules, or do you follow your heroes? From the producers of Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 comes a powerful new documentary that unflinchingly explores steroid use in the biggest, strongest, fastest country in the world: America.