Mighty Cast 32: The Importance of Sleep

Episode 32

The Importance of Sleep

In Episode 32 of the Mighty Cast, Nick & Chris talk about the many benefits of sleep, and drawbacks of not getting your Z’s.

We discuss:

  • When Sleep is better than dieting
  • How Sleep makes fat loss and muscle building significantly easier
  • How Sleep improves cognitive function, mood, hunger and health indicators
  • The Important sleep hormones & how sleep changes them
  • Sleep vs. Diet & Exercise… Which one wins?
  • Sleep Recommendations

AND The Bloody Obvious…

You can’t re-energize or recover without sleep!

Sleep is one of the few things you have in common with everyone else.

Want a better life than average Joe or a bit of competitive edge?

Then listen up because this week’s podcast touches on something that affects just about EVERY aspect of your life.


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