Mighty Cast 30: Deconstructing Crossfit

Episode 30

Deconstructing Crossfit

In this episode of the Mighty Cast we talk about Crossfit!

  • What is Crossfit?
  • How do Crossfitters define “Fit?”
  • What kinds of lifts do Crossfitters do?
  • How are Crossfit workouts structured?
  • What are some good points about Crossfit?
  • What problems exist with Crossfit?
  • Where does Crossfit come from?

And we end the episode in homage to Bruce Lee by taking what is good, and rejecting the rest.

Be sure to check-out the videos below — fun stuff!


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David Morgan King Kong


Don’t be like this guy


Show Notes

Perhaps the better question is, would I trust my health and safety to any randomly chosen individual simply because that person was CrossFit certified? Absolutely not. We were never formally tested in any of the lifts we learned, and everybody passed. This is a sharp contrast to my experience in Poliquin’s course, where attendees would fail for simply forgetting to have their wrists cocked back in the preacher curl.

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