Mighty Cast 29: Warming Up, Cooling Down & Deloading

Episode 29

Warming Up, Cooling Down & Deloading

In this episode of the Mighty Cast we talk all about the importance of:

  • Warming Up
    • Preparing for the work to come
    • How to warm-up to avoid injury
    • Mobility drills to consider for your warm-ups
    • Special warm-up considerations
  • Cooling Down
    • Cooling down for enhanced recovery
    • How to program your cooldown
  • Deloading
    • When to start deloading
    • Frequency of deloads
    • Types of deloads
    • Notes on intensity
    • Avoiding the “Natural Deload”

And an added bonus for The Boring Cast – an impromptu discussion about cardiac rehab and training with pacemakers!


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Show Notes

Chris’ classic post… our biggest source of Google traffic for SEVERAL MONTHS!

Deloading:The Dullest Topic in Weightlifting