Mighty Cast 25: The Olympics

Episode 25

The Olympics

Have the 2012 Olympics inspired people to get more athletic?

Chris talks about the the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the Olympics… including how ridiculous it is that powerlifting isn’t an Olympic sport when horse dancing is…


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Mighty Videos

Ilya Ilyin – Clean and Jerk 233kg @94kg (WR)

Yun Chol Om – Clean and Jerk 168kg @56kg (WR)


Ilya Ilin 192.5kg Snatch Training

Lu Xiaojun Snatch 175kg @76.62kg (WR)

Show Notes

You can find the high-quality, official videos of the 2012 Olympics at the link below. If looking for something in particular, just use the channel search.

Official YouTube Channel for the 2012 Olympics