Mighty Cast 143: Interview with John Little

John Little (left) and Mike Mentzer (right)

This week John Little, the most published author on High-Intensity Training (HIT), joins us to discuss everything under the sun about this training approach. As Mike Mentzer’s protégé, co-author of the popular Body by Science, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on Bruce Lee – you’re in for a treat.

Also joining us from Michigan is Chris’ brother from the other side of the ocean, the rogue trainer himself, Brian Nassar. Brian is a HIT enthusiast himself, so if he had things his way, we’d each speak for 5 intense minutes, call it a show, and not even consider another Mighty Cast for at least 2 weeks ;)

On the other side of the ring are Nick & Chris – two men skeptical about many of the claims made by HIT proponents. Just like their extended training – they enjoy extended podcasts. Nick spent weeks reviewing HIT notes, tearing apart Body by Science, and preparing for WAR while Chris ate curry and slept a lot.

Was it a blood bath?

Or is Nick cyber-stalking John right now (as you read this) looking to snatch-up real estate in his area so they can become bestest buddies forever?

Listen in to find out!

NOTE: This is the mighty Chris Young’s final episode – and what a wonderful episode it was to end on. Chris was in great spirits, full of energy, and loved speaking with John and Brian.

143 episodes and we’re still having fun. We hope you do too.