Mighty Cast 124: Excuses, Excuses

Brian Carroll Staying Mighty

Broke his back, now squats over 1100 pounds.

New Years Resolutions are starting to wane, and the only thing that will save your ego is a good excuse! What’s yours?

“I can’t do [insert exercise] because I have [insert weakness].”


Even with bad knees/back/shoulders you can still squat/bench/deadlift. How do I know? Because this last year Chris had shoulder surgery, a knee replacement, lost a quarter of his leg to flesh eating bacteria, lost the ability to walk, and damn near died… TWICE. He’s now going through the third round of chemo, and it’s a walk in the park compared to all the other shit – cancer be damned. If anyone has an excuse not to train, it’s him.

But where is he?

In the gym. In fact, the first place he went when he got home, was to the bathroom. Anticlimactic, I know. But the second place he hobbled, was to his backyard gym, on crutches. And what did he do?

He trained.

3 weeks later, he’s walking without crutches, benching, squatting and deadlifting despite feeling like a spirit possessing someone else’s body (a side-effect of neuropathy). If he can train, get stronger, and be happy about it after all that, you can too. But only if you stop with the damn excuses.

So if you’re in for a bit of motivation, intelligent training, or slagging off your lazy mates, listen in. Because there’s no excuse not to be taking the best damn medicine on the planet – a good training session.

Listen, enjoy, and stay mighty!

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