Mighty Cast 121: Getting Back Into It

Break’s over! It’s time to get back into the gym and resume your gains. In this episode you’ll learn all about how to get back into the swing of things, and stay there. But first, here’s a scary lesson from psychology…

If you think next week will be easier than this week, you’re wrong. And if you didn’t meet your expectations this week, you’ll be even more optimistic about next week!

Don’t be like the alcoholic who says, “Tomorrow, I’ll stop drinking.” Tomorrow comes around, and the alcoholic still drinks. You say to the alcoholic, “Buddy, you promised you’d stop!”

He responds, “Yeah, but today was tough! TOMORROW I DEFINITELY WON’T DRINK! I SWEAR!”

No matter how many times you confront him with the truth, today’s always the exception, and tomorrow will always be better. Whether you’re an alcoholic, overweight or sedentary, this holds true for everyone procrastinator.

There’s no time like the present!

So don’t fall for the, “tomorrow will be better” trap. Now you know better and have no excuse. Be more realistic, set goals you can achieve, and make them happen – no matter what!

Failure is a habit.

You become a failure by failing to achieve your goals over and over again. But success is also a habit. You become successful by achieving your goals over and over again.

Get into the habit of achieving every goal you set. Make small ones. A reporter once asked Stephen King how he wrote his books, to which Stephen answered, “One word at a time.”

And that’s how you’re going to get back into the gym — one session at a time.

Forget 3 months goals. Just get your ass into the gym twice this week. You don’t get to think further ahead than you’ve left behind. You don’t get to plan the next 6 months unless you have 6 months under your belt. You don’t get to plan the next week unless you’ve got a week under your belt.

1 day behind you?
Great! Go plan your next session.

0 days behind you?
EASY! There’s no planning required.
Just get your ass to the gym and do SOMETHING… ANYTHING!

Now, if you’re ready to get back into it…
Download this week’s episode & enjoy!

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