Mighty Cast 108: Ed Coan

Ed Coan

Ho Hum, yet another interview. This week Nick and I speak with some old Geeza lifter named Ed Coan. Some say… “He’s the Greatest of all Time!” Actually pretty much everyone says that.

Consider this… When Ed set his Earth shattering total of 2463lbs in 1998 at 220lb bodyweight, the second place finisher totalled 2102! A difference of 361lbs, that’s 17.17% ahead of all other lifters! Just to give you a reference point, if the Silver medallist in the 100m finishes in 10.00, then Usain Bolt wins in 8.3 seconds…. OK, you get the idea.

Now I would usually say what we covered in the interview, but Ed seemed to be having so much fun that we spoke for over 2 hours! We did cover many subjects, for instance Ed’s new love of Jeet Kune Do, along with many things Powerlifting and much more.

Enjoy :)

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